Eureka is a culinary project on wheels that will be roaming the streets and events of Barcelona, offering high quality californian food on the go Have you already found us? Eureka!



Eureka, inspired by the gold rush, is the official motto of California, and from now on ours as well. We want to hit the streets, be at your wedding and go to concerts or festivals to offer our culinary treasures of the Californian street food.

We want to change the system. We believe that cooking and serving high quality food on the streets is possible, and that offering organic and of-proximity ingredients in our restored 1974 Citroen HY, is not only a challenge, but an experience worth living. This is why, apart from sharing, we want you to have it close. We want to hit the streets, be at your celebration, buisness or birthday party, we want to go to concerts and festivals, that if you look for us you will find us.


We enjoy music, love sports and fancy the arts, that is why we want to be in each and every single festival, concert, sport, cultural events or celebrations where we are invited. We will be more than glad to park our pop up restaraunt to offer to any type of audience our high quality on the go Californian cuisine.

Because it's a very special day and you want it to be perfect. Because you don’t want your wedding to be like the others. Because if it's different, it will be more fun. That is why, we offer you the possibility to call and make room for us. We will park our Citroën and we will take care of your reception or catering with all the love in the world!

We all have attended many parties, and we all know they're not all the same. Because we are convinced that your imagination has no limit we want to receive your proposals. A friend is turning 30? Want to surprise your best friend with her bachelorette party? We would love to design the perfect menu for your special occasion.



Need more information, a cost estimate or just want to say hello? Complete the form, email us at: or call us at tel.: (+34) 660 391 988.